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Know Your Deeper Wallet



  • Satyendraks

    Deeper connect credit award system needs to be changed

    You get awarded one credit point if you share your bandwidth greater than 10 MB on two consecutive days. If you share 20MB on one day and 9.9 MB on the following day, you don’t get any credits for sharing the bandwidth. You do not get any additional credits if you offer more than 10Mb.

    This policy needs to be changed as follows:

    1. 0.5 Credits should be awarded if the user shares bandwidth greater than 10 MB on any given day instead awarding 1 credit if the user shares bandwidth greater than 10MB on two consecutive days
    2. Additional credits should be given when a person shares bandwidth more than the required minimum of 10 MB
    3. Daily sharing limit should be added. When the daily sharing limit is reached, sharing to be systematically stopped and resumed automatically the following day without user intervention.

    Would appreciate if Deeper team can make these changes to benefit the ever growing user community.


    I want to buy DPR


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