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Pico / Wi-Fi Adapter Setup



  • Stephen Noe

    I noticed that you have on sale a Wifi adaptor, which if I understand it correctly is compatible with the Mini. Could you confirm that I would not need the extra Router that i have in my setup?

    i.e. Router/Modem - Mini - Router


    Thank you

  • Jasper

    Hi Stephen,
    Yes, you can use a Wifi adapter with Mini and you don't need an extra router.

  • Finished Paper

    hi. i am not sure how to switch the operating frequency from 5G to 2.4G on pico. what i learned from the wifi adapter is saying that it supports dual frequency. but i can't figure out how to do that.

  • Tim Mitchell

    Hi Support,

    When I add the Pico between my modem and router, my router loses connection to the internet even though the light on the Pico is blue. I have tried multiple times to set this up without success. I also tried to setup the Pico in a different location using a different modem and router and a different ISP and still could not get an internet connection from the router when the Pico is installed. Please advise how to proceed from here.

  • Carolyn Penaredondo


    If you watch the clip on how to connect pico device, it will show you an access with password connect to deeperwifi... 

    TRY instead! It will connect you the Dashboard to register

  • raymond hegarty

    Hi I'm having a problem with setting up my pico I registered my pico and and then went back deposited 1000 dpr to the pico and when 1 restarted it the dpr tab appeared but when I try to import my wallet it says the mnemonic phrase is invalid i can't set up my wallet please help have I lost my 1000 dpr for staking and my 10 credits should I create a new wllet

  • Brett Wagnon

    When I try to initiate relay mode and log into the Pico's router, it detects the WiFi I am trying to connect to but when I enter the password it won't connect at all.  The window with the connect button won't go away like it isn't initiating the password for the connection. Constant blinking red light as well with the blue light on the WiFi adapter.  Already updated firmware.

  • Juan García Martínez

    I have exactly the same problem as
    Brett Wagnon

  • Robby Chen (robbychen18)

    Hi, with Router Mode or Wireless Relay Mode, how do I get a public IP so I can share more traffic? Thanks.

  • m1tel

    I have bought the Wi-Fi adapter to fit into my deeper connect mini but to connect the Wi-Fi there is no usb-c so how do I connect it to my deeper connect mini, my deeper connect has 1 usb c power input and a usb connection plus the 2 rj45 connection on each end where do I stick the Wi-Fi adapter??

  • Mike Kost
    I setup my pico device, firstly blue light blinking for 1 minute and then red light blinking faster without stopping. I tried to connect my pico device on laptop and on modem/router but with the same result.
    What can i do now, any suggestions??
  • Emir

    I have the same problem as Mike Kost. Please, help.

  • Mike Kost

    I solved the problem with blinking red light. I did a different procedure than in the video with instructions. First i connected the cables, as in video, and after blue light started the red blinking light. Then i refresh my wifi on laptop until find the pico device. I connected to the device and make a scan for internet and connected with the local internet router. After that the red blinking eye became solid blue. The rest of the procedure you can find it at this youtube video:

  • Kevin Rapp

    Hey I my pico is only blinking blue, I tried to reset the device but that is not possible. Please help


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